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Tala makes a variety of crunchy fruit snacks, each featuring a single, all-natural fruit ingredient.

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TALA Reviews

👀Former colleague

The pineapple is amazing! The flavor is killer! I wasn’t as fond of the other flavors. I crushed my sample packs all in one sitting. I think Tala did a great job with branding.


I would be curious to see if some of these could be produced closer to the US (it all comes from China.) The cost is also a challenge.

Tasty 😋
Michelle B's review of TALA
2 months ago
🤝Friends with TALA

Honestly, Tala has managed to whip up some tasty little snack packs that surprised me. It's just freeze dried fruit so it's good for you and all the flavors were good. Specifically, pineapple is out of this world in terms of the flavor density. For someone who travels quite a bit, I really like the form factor. Convenient and easy to pack away.


Package size. As other reviews have alluded to, it is verrry easy to crush multiple packs without noticing. Would love a bulk size. That and maybe pricing? At about $2.50 a pack it's a bit pricey given the size of each individual pack. Buttt I'm assuming that will go down as scale ⬆️ etc etc

Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋
Chris C's review of TALA
3 months ago

These were so goddamn yummy. The packaging was stunning. I'm a bit obsessed with fruit snacks of all kinds, so I was really excited to try these. Sometimes freeze-dried / dehydrated fruit snacks have a weird musty preservative flavor/after-taste, and I didn't get that at all with Tala. The other issue I sometimes find with dried fruit snacks is that they lose a lot of sweetness/flavor — not an issue with these either. All the flavors I tried — banana, pineapple, and mango — were rich and sweet and wonderful. Texture was perfect. Packaging was stunning, also.


My only hangup is — obviously, drumroll — the price. These end up being around $2.50 a packet, with around 10-15 lil fruit chunks per pack. Obviously for the quality of product and the elevated packaging, it's not unreasonable. Just something to consider when doing price comparisons. Def a luxury snack and perhaps not a sustainable habit for most folks. *snorts mango powder off the coffeetable* One other thing — and this isn't a dig @ Tala, just a (maybe obvious) critique of freeze-dried fruits being touted as substantial "snacks" in general — I positively inhaled these. They're VERY light, not filling in any way, and one evening I accidentally ate through like 5 packs, like an animal, just sitting on my couch surrounded by wrappers. So if you're buying these to get like any meaningful ~calories~ or ~protein~ maybe stick to beef jerky or something.

High qualityCool look & feelFun unboxing 📦Tasty 😋Amazing website
4 months ago