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Táche produces dairy-free, plant-based milk made from pistachios.

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November 2020
Brooklyn, US
Roxana Saidi
Morteza Saidi
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Tasty product but I can't justify the $10 price tag at my local bodega. Definitely not something you can use everyday as a smoothie base unless you have $$$. Also kinda wish it came in a sugar-free version.

High qualityTasty 😋
6 months ago

Not many alt-milks are delicious on its own. You can’t really say that about a lot of them. It’s super smooth and has a nice hint of pistachios! I made a latte with it and it was delicious. Definitely a great option with coffee, it isn’t overpowering and adds a wonderful nutty depth to it! It’s worth the extra cost and is one of, if not my top, alternative milk option.


I'd love a larger and less expensive per oz option. It is a tad pricey, but really not outrageous.

High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Works really wellTasty 😋Love the brand's mission 💕Luxury
7 months ago

Possibly my favorite milk alternative to date. I just wish it was more easily accessible but hopefully over time more stores carry it. It froths almost too well, so it's great in tea and coffee (really the only ways I use it) but definitely a clean non-dairy option.

Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋
7 months ago

I love this milk and think this brand will go far. It is creamy and delicious and works well as a substitute across many recipes I've tried.


My only qualm is that it's not organic.

Innovative productTasty 😋
7 months ago
🤝Friends with Táche

Best dairy-free, plant-based milk on the market. Hands down! Tache has allowed me (after 10yrs non-dairy) to seek healthy granola/cereal, to indulge like I (we all) did growing up. -Tache Milk Cortado -Tache Cinnamon Rolls -Tache + Anima Mundi Rose or Mind -Tache + granola/berries/coconut flakes -Tache + Chai -Tache Ice Cream -Tache Golden Moon Milk -Tache Matcha Latte The list. doesn't. STOP.

Lovely customer supportGood for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative productCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Fun unboxing 📦Works really wellTasty 😋Amazing websiteEco-friendly packagingSustainable productsLove the brand's mission 💕Luxury
14 days ago

I’ve become a pistachio milk convert. I am a huge fan of the unsweetened version. I use it to make lattes and cappuccinos at home and it froths super well. Tastes great and low sugar. Packaging isn’t wasteful, and the ordering delivery process is easy.


I buy directly on their site, but I do wish it were more widely available because you have to buy 6 at a time.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Easy subscription management 🔁Tasty 😋
6 months ago