Sunday Supply Co.

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Sunday Supply Co. makes quality beach essentials such as umbrellas, beach chairs, and towels that feature bold patterns.

Sunday Supply Co. Reviews

Sunday Supply Co. reviews


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2 reviews

2 years ago

I ordered a pair of the terry beach shorts which come in one size and absolutely love them! I’m normally a women's medium or size 27 pant and they fit nice and comfy/loose. I think they would fit most women unless you maybe wear a size XS or are very petite. I also love the colors they come in. My order took a while to arrive in Copenhagen (brand based in Aus) but the brand was super nice and responsive on customer service and ensured everything was still on track - just delayed due to Covid and lack of flights to transport goods. I definitely want to try their beach chairs next!


Their products sell out quickly and take a bit to restock (still smaller brand) so you have to be patient for certain products.

10 months ago

Do not buy this brand. I placed an order hoping I would receive it within the following 2 weeks. The website mentions fast and easy shipping + returns, so I figured I was in good hands. A few days later after I hadn't received a shipping notification, I sent an email saying if they hadn't already shipped my order to cancel it and refund it since I wouldn't receive it on time. They told me they weren't able to do that, even though they hadn't shipped my order and weren't planning on it for another 2 days - guaranteeing it wouldn't get to me in time. They said they could only help me with a return once I had received all of the products. Weeks later, and I go to return everything and I'm notified that they don't do refunds... ever. Just credit for different items. I explained that as I mentioned before, I would have no need for these items unless received by a specific date. And had to fight them to agree to this. The price to return 2 chairs and a blanket is $120. And who knows how long it will take to receive the refund. Spare yourself from the headache that is dealing with returns/refunds with this company. This kind of bad business should be illegal.