Summer Fridays

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Friday feeling for your skin? Summer Fridays makes skincare products with good-for-you ingredients that will relieve your stressed out skin.

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Los Angeles, California
Marianna Hewitt
Lauren Gores
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Summer Fridays Reviews

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LuxuryHigh qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Good for gifts 🎁
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5 days ago

Love the cool girl aesthetic of Summer Fridays and its product, too! I live in a humid, tropical place and the Cloud Dew Oil-Free Gel Cream Moisturizer feels great on my skin.

Cool look & feelHigh quality
14 days ago

The branding, the products, the founders - all 11/10! Love how simple the product is and it works beautifully.

25 days ago

I've tried 3 different Summer Friday masks and wasn't in love with any of them. I typically enjoy a more clay-based or sheet mask and didn't really feel like these did a lot for my skin. I'd probably use their products again if gifted but wouldn't go out of my way.

Cool look & feelGood for gifts 🎁High qualityLuxury
25 days ago

I love the aesthetic of this brand, the texture of all of the products is great, but overall I feel like it's not a super potent or effective brand. The exfoliant, lip balm, and cleanser are amazing, Jet Lag mask is an incredible sleeping mask, but other than that it just seems like it's not very hardworking for results

Cool look & feel
a month ago

Obsessed with the cute packaging and skin-loving ingredients in the Summer Fridays jet lag mask! It can be used as a heavy moisturizer as well and leaves my skin feeling lush. I can't wait to try the lipbalm and the exfoliating mask!

Cool look & feelHigh qualityGood for gifts 🎁
2 months ago

I love that these masks are in a squeeze tube! I think it’s so much more hygienic than a big open tub/container. Besides the genius packaging - the branding is also nice. What about the product itself? Amazing. I love it, use it every week and it’s travel friendly!


Sometimes I forget which Mask is what benefit… would think that can be called out a little more on the packaging.

Smells amazingHigh quality
2 months ago

I have used the Jet Lag and Overtime masks. I liked the Jet Lag mask for overnight usage when I would travel for work and in the winter. It was great at moisturizing my skin, but would leave a thin layer of moisturizer on. Barely noticeable when you get used to it! I like the overtime masks for a face scrub and mask combo, but didn't see any drastic changes in my skin before and after.

Good for gifts 🎁
2 months ago

LOVE the Jet Lag mask leaves skin feely extra hydrated The Sweet Dreams Set is my go-to gift set


pricey but you only need to use small dollops of product

LuxuryGood for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸Smells amazingHigh quality
2 months ago

10/10 would recommend the jet lag moisturizer that comes in the blue tube. I didn’t really enjoy the other products I tried (some type of cleanser/exfoliant). However, the moisturizer is my go-to in the winter. I have super dry skin so it feels wonderful to put on. I’ve used two full tubes already and I’m not a skincare person so that means I really like it! I also really want to try their new body shimmer product that is gold and looks absolutely luxurious

2 months ago

I cannot speak to literally any product besides that Jet Lag Mask but WOW that one is great as a mask but also just as a moisturizer. It works so well for my dry skin during the winters.


If you don't have the money to spend on it, I totally get it because MAN it is expensive. I never would've bought it for myself previously (I got it as a gift). Now though? I'm not sure, I just may splurge on it when I run out.

Good for gifts 🎁Worth the money 💸High qualityLuxury