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Soom Foods makes a range of tahini products.

Soom Foods Reviews

Soom Foods reviews


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5 reviews

4 months ago

Hands down the best tahini!! I love the smooth taste and lack of bitterness, plus it is so much easier to stir than any other brand. So far I've only used the original to make hummus and sauces, but I recently picked up the dark chocolate with sea salt that I cannot wait to try!

9 months ago

This is my favorite tahini brand, and I love that they are a female-owned company. The flavor is smooth and creamy. I am obsessed with their chocolate tahini and like it even better than Nutella - it's a similar taste to halva for those who have never tried a sweet version of tahini. Their plain tahini is great, too, and they are backed by multiple chefs, including Michael Solomonov. I have tried recreating his tahini ketchup from his restaurant, where he uses Soom, and have used it on multiple things.

6 months ago

Been eating the chocolate tahini flavor out of the jar for a couple days now... so good... love the the taste and the ingredient list is perfect. Make sure to mix before or else it'll just be a hard thing of super salted chocolate at the bottom (so good still gonna eat it like that though). Anyways, I liked the chocolate flavor so much that I decided to buy the green jar premium flavor just to see what I can cook/bake with it!

a year ago

the dark chocolate tahini is one of my new favorite foods. a spoonful of this is the perfect after-dinner snack. mixing it first before you put it in the fridge is a good idea, otherwise it gets too solid and the oil rises to the top, making it hard to mix straight out of the fridge.

10 months ago

I literally take a spoon to the jar for the Vanilla tahini -- it's sooooo good.