Sono Shots

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Sono Shots sells plant-based sleep shots infused with hemp to help calm your mind at bedtime.

Sono Shots Reviews

Sono Shots reviews


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3 reviews

2 years ago

I love sono shots. In 30mins I fall asleep. Take it on a daily! Great for days I am feeling stressed, or had a long night. My favorite is green apple flavor.

2 years ago

I think the Shots are great, they helped me a lot with Insomnia. Personally, I always had a lot of problems to sleep and the shot made it much smoother. I only tried the Grape.


Overall I had a great experience. Maybe more flavours.

2 years ago

I’ve been having trouble to sleep for the past 3 years. I’ve honestly had forgotten whats it’s like to have a normal sleeping pattern, until I found Sono. I love this product cause its natural, not addictive and it puts me to sleep (6’1, 200LB male). Would recommend it to EVERYONE. I had a dramatic improvement in length and depth of sleep.


I love the product, it really helped me return to a normal and healthy sleeping routine. Would recommend to everyone!