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Soma makes high-quality and sustainable hydration products.

Soma Reviews

Soma reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

The bottle I bought is great quality. It feels sturdy even though it's glass and the silicone sleeve makes me feel more confident that I won't damage it. It's also got a sleek look.

2 years ago

I love my soma pitcher! The water tastes crisp and the pitcher itself is beautifully designed. The subscription options make it really easy for me to remember to change my filter (😅) and it makes me feel good to not support big Brita :’)

2 years ago

I really love my SOMA bottles. I have two and plan on getting a sport bottle. They also have a really great warranty policy. One of my bottles started to develop little bubbles in the glass: I sent them photos and they sent me a new replacement, free of charge. I find myself using my bottles even when I'm home instead of regular drinking glasses. They are a high quality product that everyone should try!


They could use more colors for their sleeves. Variety is the spice of life.