Solly Baby

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Solly Baby sells a collection of soft, supportive, and versatile baby carriers.

Solly Baby Reviews

Solly Baby reviews


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5 reviews

a year ago

Complicated to put on, but when baby is really tiny this felt more supportive than the eg. BabyBjorn. I'm glad I bought my Solly Baby used because while I loved having one, you don't really get that many uses out of it, and it's in absolutely perfect condition still. Excellent hand-me-down, people!

a year ago

This wrap is absolutely perfect for the newborn stage! It can be a little difficult at first, I highly recommend doing it in front of a mirror the first few times.


I love how soft this wrap is and I just love how tightly it holds the baby to you. The end of the wrap has a pocket in itself that you can fold the rest of the wrap into when you’re not using for easy storage!

a year ago

LOVED my solly wrap -- i get one for all of my friends who are expecting, these wraps are so snuggly and perfect <3

a year ago

Really helped to calm and soothe my baby when he was a newborn. It was also very comfortable to wear. My baby loved it and while it only worked until he was about months old but it was absolutely worth it for those four. It can be a little stressful messing around with the long wraps when the baby was crying or I was in a hurry. It didn’t have the easy of set up like a ring sling but it was far more comfortable on my body and shoulders.

a year ago

I first learned about this brand through friends and loved how it looked, but never thought I'd be coordinated enough to tie and use something like that, ha. It was actually super easy to learn how to use it and I actually ended up using this way more than my fancier baby carrier with straps and buckles, which I thought would be the easy one. It just was way more comfortable honestly, and felt like an extension of wearing soft clothing. Love their color options and ended up getting a second one to have another one in the rotation. Amazing for gifting as well!