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Skin + Me makes personalized treatment plans that changes with and for your skin.

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I'm in month 2 so far and whilst I haven't been mindblown by the results, I've definitely seen results and will be continuing my subscription. I like that this brand gives customers access to prescription level ingredients without the need to wait months (or pay £££) for a dermatologists appointment. The dispenser is really innovative in that it dispenses the exact amount necessary so you don't waste any product, but also don't use too much which can cause sensitivity.


It would be great if the dispenser was somehow refillable, it seems quite wasteful to throw away such a beautifully designed and personalised tube after only a month!

Innovative productCustom personalization
5 months ago

Really straight-forward customer journey and love the attention to detail they have on packaging by plastering your name everywhere (who doesn't love seeing their own name on a product!?) The aluminium tube is super cool and fun to use. Great, easy way to get access to medical-grade ingredients.


They don't give you a choice of what prescription you're after and there's not much indication of what prescription to expect. I'd like to see more transparency and flexibility on that journey.

a year ago