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Seep creates plastic-free cleaning products featuring a simple design.

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2 years ago

Simple and clean design—both the sponges and the cloths keep their freshness much better than their plastic counterparts. Had a lovely email chat with the founder when I reached out to customer support with a couple of questions about delivery.


The sponges split quite early on—an issue that Seep acknowledged was a production issue at the time and has since improved. Over time, I also found that the cloths started leaving traces of white fibres on the kitchen surface.

2 years ago

Really great eco-friendly products! Their sponges are durable & easy to use. After I've used them (about or month or so) I usually cut them up and put them in my garden compost. They break down to nothing and leave behind no nasty stuff in my compost. A few friends of mine put the used ones in their plant pots too which I think is a great hack. Love how they look too, so aesthetically pleasing on the side of my sink. When they get a bit yucky I put them in the washing machine and they come out nice and clean and ready to go again.


I would love a separate sponge and scourer to use that are compostable

a year ago

The rubber gloves don’t grip. In 2 days I used them I already broke 2 glasses. Not worth it


No rubber gloves but all the other products good

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2 years ago

Good products. My delivery was on time and the customer service people helped me out when I had a question about my bin liner. The sponge scrubber is a very good eco alternative.

2 years ago

Absolutely love these products! They look and work so much better than any other cleaning products I have used.


The products are very expensive compared to the alternatives but equally you pay for what you get!

2 years ago

Works for Seep

High quality products that work just as well as traditional plastic alternatives! The products look great and I love the eco credentials behind the brand.