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Seed develops broad spectrum and targeted consumer probiotics from strain-specific research in clinical and scientific studies.

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Canada, Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, U.S., U.K., south america
January 2016
June 2018
Los Angeles, CA, US
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Carbon Neutral via Pachama, FSC Certified Packaging
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Sustainable productsCool look & feelWorks really wellEasy subscription management 🔁Eco-friendly packaging
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14 days ago

Cannot live without this. Tell all of my friends and family about it always. Gut health > everything

Easy subscription management 🔁Worth the money 💸Innovative productSustainable products
a month ago

So far I really like this brand because it's made the # of stomach aches I've had go down so it must be working? I'll update this review in a few months. I also like that they give you a travel box + refills in a paper bag instead of mailing you a new jar every time Although they are charging you for that jar without sending it to you...there's no discount on refills even though they're just sending it in a paper bag

2 months ago

I subscribed to Seed for about 6-months, it was great for my gut health and insides but the price was a bit steep for me to continue subscribing. The unboxing is cool & I love that they give you a travel tube

Eco-friendly packagingHigh qualityCool look & feelTravel friendly ✈️Easy subscription management 🔁
2 months ago

I've used Seed for about 6 months and I feel improvements in my gut health and digestion. Packaging is very nice and I like the smaller capsule that is great for traveling. The price is a bit high though.

Eco-friendly packagingCool look & feel
2 months ago

Unfortunately didn't do much for me! Great brand experience though.

2 months ago

Incredible probiotics. Really made a difference in our lives. Great packaging too!

Worth the money 💸Innovative productWorks really wellEco-friendly packagingCool look & feel
2 months ago

Their packaging is beautiful and I like how they send sleeves every month to reduce waste instead of sending a full new package. I have incorporated Seed into my daily routine and found it to be great for my skin.


Really hard to unsubscribe.

Sustainable products
2 months ago

Nothing to complain about, but I didn't notice any difference from using the supplements. I was hoping to see an improvement in my skin, though, as I don't have any digestive issues.

3 months ago

It's a great product and you can definitely feel the difference in your gut. I love that the packaging is all eco-friendly.


The monthly price is a bit high, that's why I canceled after about 6 months.

Innovative productLove the brand's mission 💕Sustainable productsWorks really well
3 months ago

THE best prebiotic / probiotic combo out there. My gut issues have found a bit of relief since starting to take Seed 10 months ago. The initial kit is a 30 day supply of the daily capsules, a reusable glass pill jar, and a travel vial. Each monthly delivery comes in a compostable packet of just the new supply of pills, which I've really appreciated because minimal packaging is important to me!


The price could be knocked down a bit. $49.99 / month is pretty steep for a non-prescription monthly supplement.

Works really wellWorth the money 💸Travel friendly ✈️Love the brand's mission 💕Easy subscription management 🔁Eco-friendly packagingAmazing websiteHigh quality