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Sanikind offers a sustainable refillable sanitizer made from recycled ocean plastic.

Sanikind Reviews

Sanikind reviews


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a year ago

I am a long time Sanikind supporter, all the way back to their Kickstarter days! Hand sanitizer is an absolute necessity to me, especially these days, but as a sustainability girlie, all of the single-use plastic was killing me. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to finally see not only a refillable hand sanitizer, but a zero waste hand sanitizer refill that is packaged in infinitely recyclable and lightweight to reduce shipping emissions aluminum, and the refillable hand sanitizer sprayer itself is made out of reclaimed and recycled ocean plastic. They are doing it so right, that I would even put up with gag-inducing, tequila scented hand sanitizer, BUT, lucky for us, their hand sanitizer smells amazing so no need! The sprayers come in a multitude of colors and the hand sanitizer itself comes in a couple different scents, so there is definitely something for everyone. I would know - I gifted everyone I know a Sanikind hand sanitizer for Christmas a couple years ago and love seeing my friends and family still using them today <3 Oh and another perk is that they come with a little clip, so you can easily affix it to your key chain, backpack, tote, purse, whatever. One little tip though is for if you are going through security at the airport or an event is to keep it in your bag, because I have had it mistaken for pepper spray several times! A welcome deception when walking alone as a woman, but not so great when security tries to take my beloved right when I am about to need it most. I have successfully explained that it is hand sanitizer by removing the bottom portion of it and showing that the liquid is clear, as pepper spray is red. To avoid the misunderstanding all together, you can remove the bottom portion in advance and just rock it Winnie the Pooh style with only the cap and bare bottom, as the top actually screws into the clear, hand sanitizer containing portion and the bottom sleeve is just a cover.