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RUKA makes hair extensions for a diverse range of Black women's hair textures.

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3 months ago

Love this brand and how they are making hair extensions accessible and easy to order / use. I tried their press'd ponytail to style for an event and loved the quality, texture. It was just a tad too full /dense for my liking, but that was just personal preference and it still came out beautifully. Shipping was on-time even though I was shipping to the US and it's a UK brand. Definitely recommend to the black girls looking for new ways to style / do their hair!

a year ago

Ruka is a really innovative brand. I currently own almost all the products in their entire range, but my favourite so far has to be the Think Kink clip-ins. The texture is perfect, it's very versatile and everyone thinks it's my hair! I get non-stop compliments. Beyond that, I'm really invested in the growth of Ruka as a business. I love how in tune the brand is with customers' needs and how quick they are to deliver products based on market demand. I recently had an issue with some bundles I ordered for a wig earlier this year, and the brand addressed this by sending a public apology via email with the promise to pull defective products from the market. Besides this particular issue and the slow responses I get from customer care at times, Ruka is pretty great.