ROUT makes a sustainable, non-toxic, and affordable facial razor for women.

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August 2020
September 2021
Berkeley, California
Veronica Jimenez
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Female-founded, Latinx-founded
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About ROUT
👋🏽 Hola, My name is Veronica and I’m the founder of ROUT. After shaving my peach fuzz for years with the regular eyebrow razor, I was horrified at how much it contributed to plastic waste. That’s why I decided to design a better version that's eco-friendly while delivering the best glow you’ve ever seen or felt. Nuestros Values ~ Uncomplicated Our products are designed to simplify your self-care routine so you can get back to focusing on the important things in your life. Like cashing that next check. Treating yourself to your next vacation. That important business meeting. ~ Eco-conscious Our products are made to be effective while treating your body like the temple it is, the environment like the goddess it is, and your bank account like the queen it is. As we are starting. We believe in taking our responsibility for our own waste. Whether is by educating our users on learning how to recycle, making sure our packaging is 100% recyclable and by using “PCR” Post consumer plastic in our products. ~Inclusive As Latine, I rarely see any real representation of my community in beauty brands or on the TV. Due to the lack of real, honest and raw representation, we make sure Rout challenges the cookie cutter beauty standards by embracing womxn of every color, sex and size. Belleza knows no boundaries. ~Self-love At ROUT, we're all about that good self-love. We celebrate braveness through unapologetic self-acceptance. Go on chingonx, live life on your own terms!
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