Revolution beauty

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Revolution beauty makes affordable, everyday cosmetics featuring a wide range of skin tones.

Revolution beauty Reviews

Revolution beauty reviews


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6 reviews

6 months ago

I got an eye shadow palette from them a bit ago. I love the range of colors they have, and their price point is fantastic, but the colors weren't very concentrated and I have to put on so much product to get the colors I want.

6 months ago

I received this in a bag from ulta. It was a bag with eyebrow products that i received when I spent a certain amount of money. This product was the main reason I wanted this bag. I had never tried this until now. I didn't like it. The brush was hard, so it was hard to get the soap on it. When I finally got some soap on the brush and tried to apply it to my eyebrows it just didn't want to go on. I can usually make most of my free eyebrow products work (wrong colors, type of application, type of product) but this is going in the garbage unless I can come up with some other use for it.

5 months ago

I have been using their ultimate brow kit for 8+ years. Its my go to!

5 months ago

I have used the skin tint and the cover is very light. Good if you are looking for something that covers but not as much as a foundation. My face started to feel greasy for some time but now that does not happen. Also very accesible.

5 months ago

Absolutely love the eyeshadow palettes colour is vibrant and lasts even without a primer 🙏 my go to for eyeshadows everytime

6 months ago

Love that they make so fun collabs!! I also have some products of them, they feel super good on the skin ! Also had the 2022 advent calendar and it was great