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Reprise makes gummy supplements infused with traditional, Chinese herbal extracts.


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3 months ago

met the founders at showfields in nyc and got some samples. after that, i've bought 4 packs of 60 gummies because they taste absolutely amazing.

4 months ago

Packaging look and feels right. The gummies had a great texture and taste to it. The TCM properties seemed to work in a couple of hours. Great product!

4 months ago

I recently tried their Ginseng Reishi gummies, and they are absolutely amazing! These gummies combine the goodness of ginseng with a delightful candy experience. The taste is perfect - a balanced blend of sweetness with a subtle herbal touch that sets them apart. The texture is chewy and satisfying.

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4 months ago


just WOW! I’ve been taking East Asian medicine since I was young and it’s always been a painful experience because of how bad it tastes, so these gummies are amazing because it has the same benefits but in a very tasty way! Love the product and will be gifting them to my entire extended family

4 months ago

Delicious taste and fun store experience. Love their educational TikToks!

4 months ago

Friends with Reprise Health

Fantastic, what's so amazing about Reprise is it's taste and knowing that I'm getting essential herbal extracts as part of my daily intake is an extra bonus. My favorite flavor is the Jujube Seed and frankly speaking I probably consumed more than the recommended amount when I first opened it.

4 months ago

I was a bit skeptical on TCM but really made a difference for my sleep almost immediately. Going to keep this in my routine. Also really tasty - they figured the flavor and texture out!

4 months ago

Reprise is awesome. I tried the Ginseng Goji for relaxation. It tasted delicious, and I felt calm and at ease not long after taking it. I’m looking forward to trying more of their products!

4 months ago

I was new to a product like this. But was amazed by my experience with the gummies. Will definitely be ordering more

4 months ago

This is such an amazing product!! The quiz told me exactly what my body needed and I've already noticed huge improvements!