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Rae Wellness creates supplements that are designed to promote overall wellness.

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Rae Wellness reviews


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2 days ago

It was okay - did not really notice any difference with vegan collagen. Then things got messy. Charged twice and no product ever shipped or received. Emailed Feb 10, 2024 to their [email protected] addy and Feb 16, 2024 to [email protected] off their website. No reply to either email. Finally had to get my money back from my credit card company. Will not deal with them again. I don't think they are in business anymore. Do not trust them.

Vegan collagen

14 days ago

I ordered two products over a month ago, they have not even been shipped and no one from Rae Wellness has answered my multiple emails. Do not buy from Rae.

Vegan collagen

5 months ago

I love the mint tab on the collagen. I’m not sure if it’s making a difference, but I think they are strengthening my hair and nails.

Vegan collagen

5 months ago

I’ve tried a couple of their products, my most recent I’m a little iffy on. I’m not rlly sure it served its purpose, as in I didn’t feel a difference. Definitely fun to try!

4 months ago

I used the complexion supplement for awhile and no complaints, but it's just so hard to tell if it helped my skin. Definitely worth a shot though!

5 months ago

I've been using the Focus drops for a few weeks now. The taste isn't too bad by itself and I've noticed less brain fog / more focus overall.

Focus drops

3 months ago

My experience with Rae was pretty fantastic initially. Really enjoyed having a wide array of vitamins to choose from for a great value! I also really enjoyed my overall experience - my order would usually arrive within 5-7 days and I noticed a tangible difference in my body, from the inside out. My orders usually included the pre + probiotic, the multivitamin, the daily cleanse, and the rebalance. I've been choosing Rae for right around a year, until I recently placed an order, was charged for it, and then the vitamins never came. I followed up via their support email and received no response. I ended up getting the attention of someone on their Instagram account, and was told that I'd receive a response from their customer service team, but I never got one. Fast forward a few weeks after I initially placed the order, and I've finally gotten a response about getting a refund. It also appears that there are many more people (who are on recurring subscriptions nonetheless) have gotten charged for 1-2 months of their subscription and have yet to receive their vitamins. They haven't updated their socials since the first week of November '23 and many folks are questioning whether or not they are still in business because so many vitamins are going out of stock, seemingly never to return. I'd think twice before placing an online order with this company - if you can find their stuff in stores (Target + Walmart), buy them there.

4 months ago

I’ve tried 2 so far the first was destress . I have always had a problem sleeping, and it’s mostly due to anxiety and not being able to shut my mind off. I’ve been alternating between melatonin and night time sleep aids for as long as I can remember. I tried prescription sleep aids only to discover I hate how they make me feel. Because melatonin is a hormone I’ve been wanting to stop using it and took the chance on this product. I noticed a difference the first night. Because of and trauma I have nightmares, I have not had a nightmare since. I fall asleep well even if I wake up in the middle of the night I can fall back asleep I don’t wake up in a fog or with a hungover feeling, I’m 5 months in and I have made it a staple. I do wish the bottles were bigger even if it was a little more expensive. Even got my husband to try it on nights he struggles to sleep and it works for him also. The second product I tried was the cleanse . I’m on my first bottle of that but so far it’s doing exactly what it says and is supposed to do! It will also be added as a staple to my daily!

2 years ago

Tested some of the functional supplements for a couple of months. No major noticeable difference. Had high hopes for In the Mood but didn’t seem to do anything.


Capsules —> gummies, please!

8 months ago

one of my favorite supplement brands out there! There's only a few brands of vegan collagen and by far this is my favorite to use. I can't wait to try more products from Rae Wellness.