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Proven offers personalized skincare backed by data and artificial intelligence.


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6 months ago

At first, I absolutely loved Proven! It was new and interesting, and seemed like it would actually follow through on its promises. The idea of care that changed based on my area's factors, and was unique to just me, was extremely alluring. I enjoyed reading about every ingredient in each of the products recommended to me. Plus, I love a simple routine. I loved the packaging that the products were delivered in, with the beg hexagon being something refreshingly different. However, I was never a fan of the product packaging itself with the sometimes-ill-fitting lids, words rubbing off within days, and the packaging looking and feeling cheap in person compared to the online images, they were functional enough to get through using. I've always said I can get over packaging if the product inside works... but it never did anything for my skin. I made sure to use the products for multiple months. I attempted to redo the quiz multiple times, and when that didn't work, I went to their people who are supposed to help with any issues or shortcomings had. The only response I got was that I should follow the instructions... instructions I was already following. In the end, they lost me completely when I found many other brands that do more for my skin at the same price or cheaper. Plus, having a log in system that is infuriating to get to, cancel, or reschedule further ruined my interest in the brand.


I think the packaging could be overhauled completely. At least make the lids more stable, though I think going the route of having a nice base packaging and offering bag refills would be a good step in the direction of sustainability if they aim to be sustainable. I think some citing of "proven" ingredients backed by clinical trials would be a cool thing for a company named "Proven"!

3 months ago

Overwhelmed by all the skincare options, combos and chemicals on the market, I decided on a whim to fill out the quiz and order a month of a personalized Proven skincare set with the hopes that they would just tell me what to do. Six months in, it has been incredible! It makes following a routine easy and I love that the ingredients are updated every time I get a new shipment based on my skin and where I live. Just try this -- you won't be disappointed! They also send you cute gifts each time, I've gotten an ice eye roller, makeup remover reusable cloths, a headband, an exfoliator ... so much fun.

a year ago

I used to have a skincare routine with at least 8 steps and I spent TONS of time obsessing over product drops and skimming forums, trying to figure out what nutrients and components were missing from my routine. Proven gave me that time back. It reduced my anxiety significantly by taking the guesswork out of "what does my skin need?" The system is simple to use, covers the basics, and allows for a lot of customizability (thicker/thinner products, varying the use of actives, more/less SPF, etc.). Most importantly, my skin absolutely loves it, and I have never felt less worry about whether I'm buying the "right" products. I'm just letting Proven handle it. It's great.


I'm not in love with the packaging - both in its appearance and that it relies on local recycling for disposal. I'd love to see Proven close the circle on its packaging with a takeback/refill system or something similar. I'd definitely invest in nice-looking permanent dispensers if Proven would ship lower-waste refill packs.