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POMP offers a floral experience, delivering blooms directly from sustainably operated farms in Southern California.


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2 years ago

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The flowers were in really great condition when they arrived and they were well secured in the box. The unboxing was nice and it didn't have a ton of unnecessary packaging material. They smell really nice.


I thought the branding on the packaging was cool but I was surprised that the website's visuals looked more like a typical flower delivery company's website. Feedback would be to carry the aesthetic through to all digital assets.

a year ago

I love everything about POMP! Super quick shipping, top quality flowers and woman owned! It literally can’t get any better than this! The packing is outstanding with a bright red box and the bouquets are tightly secured in the box so there’s no worries of anything happening to your flowers. They also have a subscription so it’s cool to spread joy and give a little to yourself too!