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Picnic provides personalized allergy maintenance as well as a subscription service for allergy medication.

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Picnic reviews


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2 years ago

Made it super easy through an online quiz to get a subscription to prescription nasal sprays

a year ago

First of all, to fill the little vial with my blood, had to be a group effort, and not easy for me as I get woozy when I see blood. so I stepped up and took the 1/2 hour to fill the vial they sent me. I just got my results, and they said my results really didn't show anything that I was allergic to, and states that most likely it was a false negative, and then proceed to ask me what medications I would like to order, when having no reactions. So I ask if I can retake the test. the reply from "my doctor" was lame and doesn't address a retake, and lets me know that if I need help with medications let them know. I think this is a scam.