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Phyla offers a breakthrough bacteriophage biotech that kills only the acne bacteria on your skin and lets your microbiome flourish.

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Phyla Reviews


This brand is amazing! There's nothing like it on the market and bacteriophages (their anti-acne technology) are part of an amazing future! I personally only use their bacteriophage serum, and it definitely helps with my acne.

Innovative productWorks really well
2 months ago

First off, I'm not too fond of brand's saying you can ONLY use their products for them to work... I get that there are live probiotics, and if you are willing to commit to only using these 3 products... great! Personally, I just find that hard. Overall, the formulations are nice, the idea/research is great, but the branding and overall compatibility could use some help.


A more modern branding with emphasis on the science, research, and technology behind it would be a huge marketing boost. Also maybe work on the formulations to ensure they work with common actives most people probably won't want to give up!

Innovative product
4 months ago