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Phyla offers a breakthrough bacteriophage biotech that kills only the acne bacteria on your skin and lets your microbiome flourish.

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5 months ago

I had mild acne before using this product and it got so much worse. I am still dealing with acne scars after stopping the regimen months ago. It made me severely depressed. It would be more effective to use water than starting this regimen. Avoid at all costs.

2 years ago

First off, I'm not too fond of brand's saying you can ONLY use their products for them to work... I get that there are live probiotics, and if you are willing to commit to only using these 3 products... great! Personally, I just find that hard. Overall, the formulations are nice, the idea/research is great, but the branding and overall compatibility could use some help.


A more modern branding with emphasis on the science, research, and technology behind it would be a huge marketing boost. Also maybe work on the formulations to ensure they work with common actives most people probably won't want to give up!

8 months ago

Trash. Same as others mentioned, made me breakout horribly despite following to a T. I wouldn’t mind as much if getting a refund was easy but the fact that you have to “prove” it didn’t work, provide picture, only able to return in a specific window for HALF of your money back. Wish I never made the purchase.


Provide full refund like other major skincare companies without loopholes. So sketchy.

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a year ago

This product simply does not work. I used it EXACTLY as recommended in the directions. I had a horrible experience. First of all, the serum contains oil (the company admits this). Oil is a moisturizer. So it moisturized my skin, making my acne 10 times worse. Then, in areas where I didn't have acne before, acne started appearing because of this. And then, after two months, when I asked for a 50% refund (only a 50% refund!), they denied my request, because they said I had to send them back the empty bottle. WTF?! An empty bottle? Why? And for only a 50% refund!! Well, even disregarding that, the product does not work, PERIOD. Maybe they'll fleece some people with their clever marketing, but they are NEVER going to retain any customers with a product that is useless and even DAMAGING.


Customer service could be better. And the entire product concept should just be trashed, honestly.