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Petz Park formulates a range high high-quality, affordable supplements for pets

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Petz Park Reviews

Petz Park reviews

1 review

7 months ago

I was looking for some powder supplements to add to my cats food, and Petz Park had a great variety. I got the Multivitamin for Cats and the Dental Kelp for Cats. The dental kelp is suppose to help with plaque control, and I'm always looking for extra ways to passively care for their teeth. The multivitamin, much like for humans, is for a general boost and wellbeing maintenance. My cats have been having it in their meals for a week or two now. It can be out on wet or dry food, and they were a bit hesitant at first, but now they don't even notice. Probably too early for any results but I'm happy with it so far, I think it's worth providing the extra boost for them so they stay as well as possible, especially when it's as easy as a adding a little scoop of powder. Customer service was also fantastic and information provided was thorough and very helpful.