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Peel makes super thin and branding free iPhone and Android cases.

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5 months ago

I got it for my iphone 11 pro and it is really thin if that is what you want. It is not that protective so I needed to switch my case. I also bought two of the wireless pad chargers which work, but just now take more time to charge my phone rather than the lightening cables.

4 months ago

Peel makes really great products and phone accessories at a very reasonable price for consumers. Their branding is minimal, which I take is deliberate. In a world where brands are competing so hard for consumers to recognize them by having unique logos and bright brand palettes, it is nice to know that some brands focus more on product and understand not everyone wants a giant logo on their accessories.

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2 years ago

I really like this phone case -- it is light, and nothing is covering the buttons, but they are still protected. It's very thin & light and doesn't look like it can do the job but it somehow does!


I ordered the red and it is a completely different red than shown on the site! Which is a bummer, bc I'm picky about my reds.

3 years ago

Super minimalist and well designed. Love the company and the guys that are building it.


They loosen over time which lead to my phone falling out of the case 2x in a week and cracking both times (fixed each time).

2 years ago

If you want a minimal case for your phone, these cases are great. But they do not offer much in terms of protection. And can easily be torn with the slightest drop.


Better durability. But may be difficult due to how thin they are.

2 years ago

Super tactile feel and thin. Always worried a bit about a high fall and whether iPhone would get damaged, but did not happen


Keep at the R&D for tight fit to phone and clear so you can see phone color.

2 years ago

After trying out many iPhone cases - Peel is now one of my favorites. I first noticed the brand on Instagram and was very curious. As someone who keeps their phone in their pocket and hates bulk, the case is great.