Peekaboo Ice Cream

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Peakaboo Ice Cream makes organic ice cream that includes hidden vegetables.

Peekaboo Ice Cream Reviews

Peekaboo Ice Cream reviews


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4 reviews

2 years ago

I purchased the Strawberry/ Carrot flavor on a whim at the grocery store and I was NOT disappointed. The texture is nice and creamy, flavorful (not overly sweet). I will be purchasing the other flavors for sure!

a year ago

Consumer analysis

First, there is a reason why you cannot see nutrition info specific to each ice cream on the peekaboo web site....Even their table of comparison doesn't say "serving size", which is most important for comparison. Lets talk about it for real. I compared 1/2 cup of Peekaboo (dirct from their package) with 1/2 C beyers icecream ( from package). Guess what? Peekaboo is twice as high in calories than breyers for same 1/2 cup. Peekaboo is higher in salt, much higher in carbs (sugars), higher in fat including saturated fat, and strangly even with the veggies, has no more fiber than beyers brand. Protein is about the same for both. As usual, they had to add sugar and fat to cover up their veggie taste. Is that what you really want to teach your kids? Can you say obesity? Teach you kids to eat to live (like it or not) NOT live to eat. Don't fool your kids into thinking all foods need to taste good, but most importantly should be good for you. Fooling them into thinking icecream is OK and hmmm good sets them up for obesity as they get older. Fooling them can only hurt them, and in the case of Peekaboo icecream also fools parents into thinking they are giving their kids whats ok for them. You really want your kids to eat ice cream 3 times day to get their veggies and fibers? So they put some vitimins in to entice you. Why not just give your kids a daily vitimin and introduce them early in life they they NEED to eat some veggies to good nutrition. Icecream is not a health staple. It is a treet and should be only used sparingly to avoid obisity and bad FAT habits and Peekaboo Ice Cream is one of the worst products that gives parents an easy way out....easy today, but tough in the future when their 16 yr old loves Ice Cream and weighs 200 lbs. Please think twice, check peekaboo's web to see their nutrition is not there at all, and ask yourself why? Marlene

3 years ago

I am HOOKED on Peekaboo's Mint Chip flavor. While Peekaboo is the "ultimate parenting hack", it is also an amazing option for any ice cream lover. Coming from a picky eater, the advertisements don't actually can't taste even a hint of anything veggie related. PROS -Creamy texture that melts perfectly in your mouth -Super easy to get a serving of vegetables while satisfying your sweet tooth - Easy to use website -Sold on Amazon -Sold at popular supermarkets -No GMOs -Kosher -Real ingredients I definitely will be ordering Peekaboo ice cream again!!


Peekaboo could improve by adding another flavor.