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Papershoot offers an eco-friendly digital film camera.

Papershoot Reviews

Papershoot reviews


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3 reviews

a year ago

Though I'm partial to shooting on a film camera made for film, this is a super cute gift for someone interested in photography that doesn't want to keep buying disposables. I love how sustainable the product is and the digital aspect makes it accessible to beginners. Personally, I can tell the difference between real film and Papershoot's film-style photos and have a preference, but it's still a sweet gift and is close enough to the real thing!


It can be hard to tell when the camera is dead, would be nice to have a better indicator of when/for how long to charge.

10 months ago

I am so glad I pulled the trigger and bought a Papershoot. I use it all the time, and was even featured on their Instagram! Its great with friends, at concerts, and I love the sustainability component. It's easily paid for itself multiple times.


I would always love more options to change our my camera cover, it does scuff up pretty easily (it is paper after all).

a year ago

This is a nice product. It does exactly what it supposed to do it feels super fill me but it’s sustainable and small. My only issue is that I’m consistently worried I’m going to break it or get it wet because it is paper and cardboard.