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Oui the People offers razors and shaving sets with clean and healthy ingredients.

Oui the People Reviews

Oui the People reviews


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5 reviews

3 years ago

I don't shave as often as I used to, but when I do, I definitely enjoy the luxurious experience of my Oui the People razor. It's super easy to use after getting used to it the first couple of times, and I love the fact that I haven't purchased another plastic razor since then. I've always wanted to try their shaving gel to milk, but it's always out of stock :( However, I do enjoy their Ingrown relief toner. It works and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

3 years ago

I’ve used this razor for about 5 years (back when they were still Oui Shave), and it’s still going strong. It did take me a little while to get used to the weight, but I don’t think I could go back to another razor.

6 months ago

This razor makes me feel SO fancy. It’s heavy and beautifully made, and it looks so nice on the shelf. I’ve noticed I don’t get razor burn as easily with a single-blade razor like this, and because those single blades are cheaper, I feel like I’m probably saving money in the long run with this luxe razor!

8 months ago

I read somewhere that this type of razor was better for dry, sensitive and/or strawberry skin but I didn’t find the result to be any different than a brand new Flamingo razor. . I’m not, admittedly, a ritualistic person when it comes to routine self care so maybe it was a user error? It’s a gorgeous product, if you can afford the money and time required to make it worth the price. I did really love their shaving oil-gel product, but it’s expensive and I can’t see myself repurchasing.

a year ago

Big fan of OTP from the jump! Their razor is super quality and makes it so you don't have to bother re-buying cheap plastic razors every month. Their disposable blades are super sharp and give me a reaaally smooth and close shave that eliminates razor bump. It takes some getting used to a single blade razor, and OTP's is a bit heavy, but I love the sturdy quality feel and can never go back! Definitely a worthy investment for your routine.