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Otherland makes intricately designed scented candles using clean ingredients.

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Otherland Reviews

Otherland reviews

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45 reviews

a month ago

Candles are some of the best smelling ever. I received the sample pack for my birthday and went on to purchase several full size candles and even gift them to friends! Amazing gift - I thought of the friend who gifted me it every time I had the candles burning. The sample set lasts a while and all the scents are amazing.

4 months ago

Their scents are well done, and the packaging is super gorgeous. Love these as gifts (to receive or give)!

2 months ago

I have really enjoyed my Otherland candles. Their scents are unique and there's something for everyone. The designs and boxing are really nice too. They look really nice as decor and are great gifts. A bit expensive for the price point, but they last surprisingly long and look good.

3 years ago

I really love the packaging and the unique scents that this brand offers, however I wish you could actually SMELL them! I have had two of their candles and unless I'm right by it or have my nose over it, it simply does not feel the room... even my smalls studio apartment!

3 years ago

Invested in Otherland

The scents, look and feel are amazing and the jars are very beautiful. They make a great gift, especially the seasonal collections. They don't burn down right away which I appreciate.


When I order them for myself, I want to go for the sustainable packaging and don't need the whole unboxing but it's been sold out and so I feel wasteful having these nice boxes just for me!

3 years ago

Honestly my favorite thing about the brand is the website and the beautiful creative assets! It all does a really good job at evoking imagery -- and selling the candles. The packaging was also a good experience when it arrived -- nothing too premium in terms of materials and heft, but otherwise still well thought of. Since I bought the candle blind, I have to say the fragrance was just ok. Honestly nothing too remarkable for me. However, I'm glad that they sell sample cards now to help you pick a scent. Perhaps a good starter buy for a candle and otherwise a great (online) shopping experience.

3 years ago

The scents, the unboxing, everything is so well done! The scents are complex and different, yet warm and comforting. The wax burns perfectly that you're basically left with just an empty jar at the end.


I wouldn't mind a travel size candle!

3 years ago

Otherland is my favorite brand of candle. Generally the scents are really high quality. However, some of them just smell fake and perfume-y to me. My favorites are Rattan and Daybed. I buy these as gifts all the time!

7 months ago

Otherland candles are cute and reasonably priced as candles go. I am obsessed with the tennis ball scent and will forever be reordering that candle. Not all of the scents are my personal preference but I think they have great variety.

3 years ago

I have really loved all the Otherland candles I have purchased. I also think this makes an amazing present- I have purchased for the birthday of a tennis lover, champagne flavor for an engagement gift, a mixed holiday set for a hostess gift over the holidays and they have hit the mark every single time. The boxes are beautiful and really elevate the product experience as a whole- which helps set them apart from other candles in a pretty saturated market. The flavors tend to be a little bit softer than some other popular candle brands- but I like that- they tend to fill a room without being overwhelming. I actually even traveled with one when I was away for a few weeks and it really brought a piece of home with me! Also- love that you really can understand the flavor on the site and social through visuals and descriptions- I find this to be very innovative!


The box says this, but you need to cut the wick so it doesn't get too long- otherwise the flame gets huge and smokey/out of control.