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Ossa designs a range of phone cases and cord accessories.

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7 months ago

I purchased a stone cross body cord. It is beautiful. Love the quality. So chic. Doesn't tangle much and if it does, it is super easy to untangle. The plastic case is decent and I feel like it provides good (but not great) protection for my phone. 3 stars because the CORD KEEPS UNHOOKING FROM THE CASE!!! It does not take much moving around in my pocket for one side of the cord to unhook. YES this is solvable with a lil elbow grease and some pliers, but I am really disappointed that such an expensive product ($100+) needs me to adjust it. Also if I close the metal attachment thingy so it is secure, I just make removing the cord more difficult. I only have one cord and can just take the phone out of the case when not in use but... it's not ideal. Functionally - it all depends on how you use your phone. Some days my Ossa cord makes my life so much easier. I can just sling my phone on and run my errands. Other busy days it just gets in the way. **Update: Ossa kindly reached out and sent me a free replacement connector (phone case with the built in metal connecting bits). While there has been an improvement... my cord still disconnects. So, I have used a hammer to press the metals ends closed. Problem solved. Overall- 11/10 customer service. Great (but not perfect) product. BUT - Add some hammering and it's a pretty darn perfect product.