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OneSkin creates a line of skincare topicals designed to reduce aging.

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a month ago

In the past year or so I’ve grown to really dislike social media and influencers pushing “anti aging” and “holy grail” products that are over priced and useless. I started looking into blogs from scientists who study longevity and came across oneskin. I have to say it’s pricey and I was skeptical, after researching and reading I found out it was founded by 4 scientists who happen to be women and also had backing with skincare scans showing that it does what it says— I decided to buy it. While it cost more it really is worth it as I’m not impulsively buying stuff that isn’t worth it as far as skincare goes anymore. Within a week my skin was looking and feeling so much softer and healthier. Dark spots have faded. I love it!

8 days ago

I started using this a year ago. The pump used to be awful but now is better! I use 2 of their products daily and have seen an improvement in my skin texture, discoloration, and fine lines. The face cream is the most essential, the eye cream is useful but I don’t have as many issues there. The creams have zero scent and a smooth texture. The face pump dispenses just the right amount for me, so I don’t feel like I’m being wasteful. I do the 90 day subscription for each product.