Once Upon A Farm

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Once Upon A Farm offers nutritious, organic snacks and meals for babies to big kids

Once Upon A Farm Reviews

Once Upon A Farm reviews


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7 reviews

2 months ago

Received a free product from Once Upon A Farm

I've tried two flavors of the oat bars (strawberry and banana chocolate). Both flavors were good, but I prefer the strawberry over the two. They taste like real fruits and not like straight sugar like some other snacking bars do. The bars themselves are pretty expensive at $3 a bar.

5 months ago

There is something about cold-pressed that feels right. Once Upon A Farm is organic, and part of the clean label project. It makes choosing their products for my child easier - I know they're in good hands. I will definitely be buying their products well into the toddler years. They are definitely pricey, but I buy what I can from warehouse stores. I do, however, wish they had eco-friendly packaging options.

2 months ago


It has a nice fruity smell. It tastes creamy and fulfilling. It is not super sweet and wonderfully delicious. It has a good soft chew to it. I like that it is nutritious and makes a great snack for both adults and kids.

5 months ago

Wanted my kids to love it, but they were not fans in the least. To be sure, I tried a few of the flavor and they were ok, but frankly lacked that desirable taste.

4 months ago

Im the kind of mom that cooks almost everything. But I decided to try the once upon a farm blends for on the go demand and just loved it. My 2 years old daughter proved different flavors and always ask for more! It become essencial for me cause sometimes I’m running late as non of a teen and 3 kiddos.

8 months ago

My sister-in-law has them as "smoothies" for her kids - so when I was looking for healthy snacks for a road trip, I wanted to get some. I was a little taken aback by 1) the fact that they are refrigerated and 2) the price but since Target had a sale a few weeks ago I wanted to try them out and... I genuinely love them! They taste amazing, have low calories compared to other squeeze baby food, and I like that the ingredients are not mostly apple (my gripe with lots of baby food brands). The only thing I still find inconvenient is that they need to be refrigerated since I use them exclusively on the go, but for parents who want to have something like that at home I think it's great.

7 months ago

My son absolutely loves these pouches! I love them, too, because of the simple, clean ingredients. The taste and texture are great! The variety is also a big plus. The smoothies are dairy free, which is helpful if you are dealing with lactose intolerance or a milk allergy. The pouches are in the refrigerated section of my grocery store. If we're going out, I just put it on an ice pack. They are pricey, but the quality makes it worth the money. I will continue to purchase these in a variety of flavors.