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Nudient creates stylish yet functional phone cases and mobile accessories at an affordable price.

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a year ago

I bought a Nudient case as a present for my other half. The delivery was fast, and the case was nicely boxed. The case was a really attractive color and very thin. When new it looked 🔥


The case didn't last long. It's finish quickly started to degrade, and it started to crack. It also kept getting these chips in the side of it - I know it's difficult to engineer a strong phone case, but I think Nudient still have some work to do. Overall it only lasted around 6 months before the case needed replacing.

a year ago

I love the sleek design of Nudient cases and just recently got one for my new iPhone 14. Looks and feels nice and I get compliments all the time. Shipping was very fast as well.


I would love if these cases were a little more scratch proof, as I am hard on my phone cases.