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Nocs sell high performance, compact, waterproof binocular with great design

Nocs Reviews

Nocs reviews


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5 reviews

9 months ago

My husband and I got Nocs for whale watching up in Northwest Washington and we continue to enjoy them! They’re light, effective, and come in incredible colors! We use them for bird watching and stargazing and we’ve loved giving them as gifts to family now too!

9 months ago

Love that this brand targets millennials and younger - birding/nature-watching isn't just for retirees! Chique-looking body and straps, I was sold on the design. These are a great intro or re-intro binocular for anyone wanting to get into birding or level-up their outdoor experiences, without breaking the bank.

9 months ago

Love the Nocs monocular. It’s quick to focus and very clear. And tough—we’ve dropped it on rocks, stepped on it, rolled it down a ravine, lost it in the woods overnight, etc. It looks beat up but works fine! We got a bright color and definitely recommend that.

9 months ago

Love these. I'm a surfer and constantly driving around looking at surf and surf breaks so its great to have a handy pair of nocs to pull out to get a closer look at breaks that I can't easily access. They've been tumbling around my car for over a year and have held up really well. I use them regularly. I'm a fan.

9 months ago

I’m not an expert birder or experienced user of binoculars, but these are affordable, high quality, and so attractive—I got the deep green color and whenever I’ve taken them out have gotten lots of compliments. A great, chic starter pair!