Ninja CREAMi

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Ninja CREAMi turns everyday ingredients into ice cream.

Ninja CREAMi Reviews

Ninja CREAMi reviews


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a month ago

This machine machines amazing ice cream, sorbet, gelato and froyo. It's so easy to get great results as well and you can be insanely creative. It takes 5 minutes to mix your ingredients and put the tub in the freezer. You get 3 tubs included, so you can have 3 parallel batches running at the same time. In the pictures you're seeing homemade froyo that's literally just greek yoghurt and sugar. Frozen for 24 hours and then mixed into luxurious froyo. You can make ice cream out of damned near anything. Once I made a healthy snack with just milk and a bit of sugar for sweetness. Topped it of with dark chocolate shavings. (It also makes fantastic ice cream the regular way) How is the mouthfeel? Just like ice cream! You have a couple of options to choose from when blending, like ice cream, gelato, sorbet. I haven't really dialed in which one to choose for what, but it doesn't really matter. You also really don't need any stabilisers at all! But it does help sometimes in mouthfeel, or when you want seconds a day later. The mixins-function is fun, but it does break up a lot of things into quite small pieces so for certain things like cookies it's better to add after. Sometimes the result can be a bit grainy on the initial run, but then you just need to re-spin it to let the ice molecules melt together (or something something science). I've never made anything that isn't super smooth in the end. Noise wise it is quite loud, but it's fairly quick to run so it doesn't matter in my opinion. I tend to just shut the door to the kitchen when I'm using it. It's also fairly easy to clean, but if you don't dry the mixing lid out thoroughly it can start to get a stale odour. This is a bit finicky with the mechanism, but overall takes just a minute or two to get it completely clean. All-in-all I say it's the best purchase in my kitchen.