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Naturium makes a vegan, cruelty-free skincare line.

Naturium Reviews

Naturium reviews


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3 months ago

I tried The Perfector, and really wanted to love it, but it kept trying out skin. I got midway through the bottle until I gave up. This is with me reapplying creams, and oil on my body, my skin would feel so tight after a shower. Once I switched body wash, my skin has not felt like that. Will try the Glow Getter perhaps and see if that works better for my skin.

5 months ago

Received a free product from Naturium

I love naturium. So far, tried two of their shower product the glow getter and the perfector. I love how you leave the shower with A moisturizer finished. The glow getter leaves the skin looking soft and smooth and doesn't look dry. On the other side the perfector is a good one for those looking to exfoliate without irritating their skin.

5 months ago


I have their glow body oil and as a girl that lives in cold country i need to moisturize nd it has beunv helpful, getting a new one soon The vitamin c cleanser also surprises me because i can see my hypigmentation fading nd it doesn't keep my face dry

2 years ago

Naturium is one of the best skincare brands we have seen in recent years. All of the ingredients & formulations are undeniably clinically studied to be effective. All of the ingredients are biocompatible and I am always impressed with all of their products not only because of the ingredients, but the textures and feels are just as thoughtful. My absolute favorites are the body washes, overnight sleeping creams, and acne products!

a year ago

Love the Niacinamide Cleansing Gelee! I was having some issues with my skin recently, where I was getting acne more than usual but also experiencing a lot of dryness. I started using this with some other products, and it definitely helped my skin! My skin feels clean without feeling stripped, and it gets a surprising amount of makeup off. I like to use it as a quick mask to get as much skin contact with the niacinamide as possible, because I know niacinamide really doesn't do a whole lot if you don't let it sink in. It is a little more expensive than I would like for a drugstore brand that doesn't have anything particurarly unique about it. Would love to see cuter packaging. But I do love that I know I can get it almost anywhere there is a Target!

a year ago

This is a review for their 'glow getter hydrating body wash'. I definitely was swayed by their deceptive marketing (they used to have videos play on the webpage for this product of people looking extremely shiny and moisturized as if they rubbed oil on their skin and claimed it was a result of just this body wash) but it did not stand up to the hype. I LOVE shower oils, Bioderma's atoderm is my holy grail in terms of getting rid of my persistent eczema, but Naturium is not moisturizing enough, it's more of a gel wash pretending to be a shower oil and the smell is bizarre, like movie theater butter gone off.

9 months ago

I will give the antioxidant sunscreen in orange bottle a 10 out of 10. However, the moisturizer and eye cream set, more like an 8. The sunscreen gives this great shine and is 50+ especially for someone like me that is super sensitive to the sun.

7 months ago

wow! i lowkey didn't want to like these products because of all of the hype, but the tiktok and twitter girlies were right! i have the Glow Getter Multi-Oil Hydrating Body Wash and Travel Size Niacinamide Mini Face Cleansing Gelee, as well as The Smoother Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Body Wash (haven't used yet.) The body wash containers are HUGE and will last for some time, which is great since i live in mexico and it's harder for me to get these types of brands. My body feels so radiant and glowy with the glow getter and i've noticed an improvement in my skin texture and moisture intake (my body is extremely dry) and the Face wash is fantastic for travel and does a great job of cleansing, foams up well. i'm excited to try more from the brand!

10 months ago

I’ve tried both their brightening body wash and their vitamin c serum. The body wash has a nice texture to it and suds well; I haven’t noticed a noticeable difference in the way my skin looks so probably would y rebuy. Their serum is nice, it doesn’t irritate my skin but not a huge difference in skin brightness but I do notice a difference m. It is a little more expensive than typical drug store products but also less than other brands you can kind as well at target. I will probably try some of their other products as well!

a year ago

Everything from this brand I have loved! I have tried 10+ of their different products but my absolute favorite are the Gelee cleanser ( I purchased 5 on Black friday in 2022) and the vitamin C serum! You can't go wrong with this brand!

a year ago

Absolutely love their dewy SPF. It blends in well, does not leave a cast, works well under makeup, and does not cause pimples. I would have loved a different scent, it smells like your average sunblock, but no complaints. It's a repeat product for me.

a year ago

I’m obsessed. Their body washes and face serums are so good. My skin feels soft af. 10/10!

a year ago

I have tried the Naturium gelee cleanser and the niacinamide serum and I loved them both! This brand is clean, gentle, and leaves your skin glowing!