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Natural Cycles allows women to track their fertility cycle by entering their basal body temperature into an app.

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4 months ago

LOVE! Have been using for years and it’s truly an excellent hormone / medication free alternative to keep track of your cycle. So great the fda even approved it!

2 years ago

Finally, a non-hormonal birth control method that's FDA approved! I wish had offered a wearable option as I'm constantly forgetting to pick up the thermometer first thing in the morning.

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2 years ago

I started using Natural Cycles after transitioning off of the pill, which I had been on for close to 15 years. At first I was skeptical about an algorithm as birth control, but quickly discovered the power of this app. I love being able to closely track my cycle and know when I am ovulating and/or about to get my period. I'm so much more aware of my cycle, symptoms, etc. with this app. I had no idea there was a correlation between body temperature and the phases of my menstrual cycle. This app has helped me learn a lot about my body. Plus, I love that you can use to to prevent OR plan a pregnancy!

a year ago

I've been using Natural Cycles for a while now, but it wasn't until I paired it with my Oura ring that things really took off. Now, not only do I have a more accurate prediction of my ovulation, but I also have a better understanding of my overall health and wellness. The integration of the two has truly changed my life, and I can't imagine going back to the old way.!! Plus, the fact that the app is backed by scientific research just gives me even more confidence in its effectiveness. I can't recommend Natural Cycles and the Oura ring enough for anyone looking for a natural, data-driven approach to birth control! THIS ONE IS ICONIC!


Just the thermometer approach is very unlikely to produce 100% results. Recommended with Oura ring.