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Natalist supports health pregnancy with fertility and planning essentials to guide mothers.

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2 months ago

I really like the branding and the attempts to share scientific evidence for the dosages of each supplement, but they actual product development is not 100% there and for the price point, their products should be QAed at a higher standard. Buckle up, this is going to be long review because I believe you need to be very vigilant of what you consume/ the brands you interact with when you are trying to conceive or are pregnant. Where they glow: -Daily packets of all the prenatal vitamins are very helpful so you don't have to remember which ones you took and which ones you didn't that day. When you're taking that many pills, it's easy to get confused. -The range of products offered is convenient. -Responsive customer service. Where they need to improve: -QA is not great and their products are not the easiest to consume. The D3 gummies I received were expiring in a few months and they were very gritty and had white spots all over which was a little unnerving... no one wants to take chances on moldy gummies, especially while trying to get pregnant. I reached out to customer service, and their advice was that they were safe until the expiration date but not to consume the afterwards and sent me a promo code for a future purchase... sorry, I took a chance on your brand and this was not a good experience. I don't think i'll spend my money to receive old products from you again. The prenatal packets need to be reformulated. I am not someone who has trouble taking pills, in fact, I take many other supplements. The coating on the pills are very dry and have ZERO slip to them, so even with a full glass of water, they can definitely get stuck in your throat. How do I know this? Because it's happened to me multiple times. It's kind of scary actually.... Also, I have been taking fish oil for many years and know when they are high vs low quality. The fish oil pills in the prenatal packets are not high quality. Regardless of how many meals you have with and after the pills, you will have fishy burps. I don't really have burps normally but to deal with fishy burps everyday is a dealbreaker for me with Natalist prenatal packets. I just skip the fish oil pills now because of how unpleasant the experience is and am wasting money every time I toss those pills. The electrolyte packets are SUPER expensive, but I took a chance on it because I take electrolytes everyday and if these work for pregnancy it would remove the guess work later down the line for me. However, the flavor says it's a type of berry flavor. It's not. It straight up tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher. If you like that flavor, this is great for you. However, I do not enjoy that flavor so I dread taking this electrolyte. They also do not dissolve well, even if you warm up your water a little bit. -Customer service is responsive, but unhelpful because if you have an issue all they do is offer. you coupon codes for future purchases. That is not going to win my business in the future. When I sent them pictures of what looked like moldy gummies, they told me that their production line said it is just how the gummies might age... WHY ARE YOU SELLING PRODUCT THAT IS GRAINY/ CRUSTY?! AND TO PRENATAL/ PREGNANT WOMEN?! This is a bad business practice. I noticed the ones at Whole Foods also expired in less than a month and they were selling at full-price! TLDR: I would steer clear of this company if you are trying to get pregnant/ are pregnant/ postpartum. Trust is critical during this stage in life, and they lost my trust with poorly QAed/ developed products and with each customer service interaction. I'm glad I didn't try their products while pregnant.

Prenatal Daily PacketsVitamin D3 GummiesHydration & Energy

8 months ago

Branding, retargeting, communication, and shipping are all intentional and high quality. I use Natalist for pre-natal subscription of 3 different gummy vitamins, as well as testing strips for ovulation and pregnancy. I believe I do pay an up charge for the branding, but I love that the company is built by moms and medical professionals. The pre-natal gummies being on auto subscription is super convenient and they notify me of upcoming shipment and payment via text. I’ve heard of other brands of gummies causing bloating and pain and these have minimal bloat and zero pain—usually pain is from iron. I’ve used this brand for pre-pregnancy resources for 4 months now and would recommend to others.

2 years ago

I got a book bundle and some pregnancy tests. I think the company has an excellent ecosystem of products, education, and support so I’m glad to support them. I really like how inclusive they are as well.


It’s hard to justify the price on some items, for example if you’re compare ingredients for the prenatal to any other organic prenatal you might find in Whole Foods you’re really just paying for pretty branding (and more plastic)