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mycro makes a collection of cacao-infused, raw mushroom honey to improve vitality, cognition, and immunity in the brain and body.

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2 years ago

My review is not based on any of their products, as I have not and will not purchase from them. My review is based on how they handle their social media accounts and how they respond to other people as well as myself. I took screenshots of their comments on Instagram before they removed the post and blocked me. They also blocked me on Facebook after I called them out on one of their advertisements, but I actually left a review with all the screenshots on their page first. Since I can only provide one screenshot here, you can find the rest of the screenshots on their Facebook reviews, along with another negative review from another person. I will quote the comments that were made on their Instagram post before they took it down... To a person who said, "You guys are an awful company who've scammed many people already. I'll be warning everyone I possibly can to stay away from you" Mycro Instagram account manager @lets_mycro responded, "all 692 of them!" To a person who said, "$65 is far too expensive for something with such a small list of ingredients. And for something that we don't even know what it tastes like." Mycro responded, "tastes like profit." To a person who said, "lemme help ya out. I get it. Money is the only thing you guys care about. But in order to get said money y'all need customer satisfaction. All together it's more worth it to have a medium price like : $35 instead if you still want to stay in the higher area because in the long run it's gonna do you well for customer satisfaction therefore you will get more customers and more money. Another thing that will do well for you is to be less rude to customers because being rude and nasty turns people off and drives them away from buying your products. So in turn you are kicking yourself in the behind. And in order to benefit yourself and the company, it's better to treat customers with respect no matter how annoying some people can be." Mycro responded, "we 👏 don't 👏 care... where did you learn this?!! so smart!" To a person who said, "Who let this become a thing ? Shark tank would most likely chew you guys up and spit y'all out. No offense. Mycro responded, "no offense but get a job!" To a person who said, "Overpriced crap." Mycro responded, "it's not costco, sweetie!" To me when I said their comments are disgusting, Mycro responded, "a reflection of you, suga!" Several other comments were complaints about not receiving their product and not being able to get a hold of them through email and other means of communication. More recently, upon searching for more information about this company, I came across a website called, which seems to be another review website which actually allows companies themselves to claim their brand page to verify and update company details. One piece of information they have listed is a certification from I visited this website to see if I can find their brand within their long list of vegan certified brands. The list is so long that rather than scrolling endlessly, I decided to email and directly ask them if they can verify that they have certified Mycro. said, "We do not have any products with that brand Vegan Certified." I have provided a screenshot of that email response from


Everything. They are not vegan certified by