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Moroccan Oil creates a variety of hair products centered around argan oil.

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a month ago

Love the smell of the Moroccan Oil products. I found they weighed my hair down a bit though. I appreciate that there are 'light' oil formulations in the range now.

15 days ago

Unimpressive haircare - the oil sits on top of the hair, instead of seeping in to nourish the hair from inside.

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15 days ago

I have the Dry Shampoo Dark Tone dry hair shampoo. I loved the scent at first but it does get overwhelming after a while- if you are sensitive to that. It works well but don't use it multiple days in a row. You can see the build up.

8 days ago

I love this hair oil and only use it specifically on my ends. My hair looks too greasy when I use it further up since I have dark, thick hair. It also smells amazing, which is a huge plus!

Moroccan Treatment Original

6 hours ago

Love the smell and luxury feeling of their products; however, I will no longer be supporting this brand due to their ties to Israel

19 days ago

I have always loved the scent of Moroccan Oil products. The hair oil did wonders for my hair. However, after finding out that some of the ingredients used might be harmful and are not as clean, I have decided to switch to a different hair oil. It did always work well, but I prefer a cleaner product.

Moroccan Treatment Original

a month ago

So great for my hair. Every product I have tried, especially the hair masks and hot oil treatments, work wonders on thick, unmanageable, frizzy hair and crazy split ends/tangles...which is what I deal with on a daily basis. This brand has saved me a lot of time and money with their great products.

Moroccan Treatment Original

13 days ago

Moroccan Oil's shampoo and conditioner didn't quite work for me. They didn't give my hair the boost I was hoping for, and I didn't see the results I expected. The oil, too, felt a bit too heavy for my hair type, weighing it down more than I'd like. While I appreciate the brand's reputation, these particular products didn't match my hair's needs. They might work better for others, but for me, they didn't hit the mark in terms of achieving the desired results.

Moroccan Treatment OriginalHydration shampooHydration conditionerIntense hydrating mask

3 months ago

The best hair oil that I ever used. A little bit expensive but worth itt.