Moroccan Oil

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Moroccan Oil creates a variety of hair products centered around argan oil.

Moroccan Oil Reviews

Moroccan Oil reviews


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Reviews mention

  • Pleasant fragrance of products
  • Effective on thick hair
  • 'light' oil formulation available
  • Helpful for unmanageable hair
  • Potential harmful ingredients
  • Can weigh down hair
  • Controversial ties to israel
  • Heavy product build-up

Moroccan Oil offers a range of well-loved and fragrant haircare products, appreciated for their effectiveness on thick, unmanageable hair, and their 'light' oil formulations. However, they are not without their flaws. Some users have raised concerns over potentially harmful ingredients and the heavy nature of some products, which can weigh down certain hair types. The brand's ties to Israel also deter some customers.

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35 reviews

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4 months ago

Love the smell of the Moroccan Oil products. I found they weighed my hair down a bit though. I appreciate that there are 'light' oil formulations in the range now.

3 months ago

Unimpressive haircare - the oil sits on top of the hair, instead of seeping in to nourish the hair from inside.

5 months ago

i like the moroccan oil mainly because I feel like it hydrates my hair and smells really good. A little goes a longgg way ... so it definitely lasts a while.

6 months ago

The best hair oil that I ever used. A little bit expensive but worth itt.

3 months ago

A hit and miss for me. I love the smell, the nourishing texture and the feel of the treatment oil, but it doesn't do much for my frizzy hair, it unfortunately weighs it down. I do love the weightless hair mask though, it is extremely hydrating and nourishing!

Moroccan Treatment Original

5 months ago

I got the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil as a gift. I absolutely love all the products. They smell amazing and I love to use them every so often. I wouldn’t use it everyday just because of the Moroccan oil but other than that it’s great.

5 months ago

I have 2C curly hair and I tried using Moroccan Oil's hair oil for many months. It just made my hair feel greasy- I've had better luck with things from Ouidad and even drug store brand gels applied using the Curly Girl Method.

6 months ago

I can only speak on their finishing oil.... and I LOVE IT. Smells great. You barely need any. I use the smallest amount for my very long hair. It helps keep my hair shiny and tame those pesky fly aways.

3 months ago

Love the smell and luxury feeling of their products; however, I will no longer be supporting this brand due to their ties to Israel