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Moonshot creates delicious, organic, carbon neutral snacks that are good for you and the planet.

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I got to try these through a sampling program. These are not like saltines they are a little thick, crisp like a water cracker maybe? Good for dipping. I got sourdough and I was not disappointed; it had that tanginess of sourdough! I would buy these again.


no changes needed.

High qualityTasty šŸ˜‹Sustainable productsLove the brand's mission šŸ’•
2 months ago

I wanted to like these because of the eco-friendly mission, but I found them super dry and not great tasting.


The crackers are so dry and bland they're tough to eat.

2 months ago

Enjoyed. Not sure Iā€™d order again but Iā€™m open to it. I enjoyed them on balance!

Tasty šŸ˜‹
3 months ago

If you like sourdough bread then you'll definitely be into these. They have a classic sourdough taste to them and are really good with cheese or probably any kind of dip. It's a great brand to support

Innovative productTasty šŸ˜‹Love the brand's mission šŸ’•
10 months ago