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Monfefo sells plastic-free organic cold-pressed ginger and turmeric wellness shots.

Monfefo Reviews

Monfefo reviews


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3 reviews

a month ago

I hate that I’m a shill for a fancy ginger juice business but by god, here I am. When my local natural food store in Brooklyn began selling this, I thought “huh. Chill packaging. Glass bottle. It’s on sale for $4.49. Let’s go for it.” Fast forward to the middle of the pandemic and I am ordering the 16oz glass bottles to be sent to my parents’ house just so I can have my deliciously decadent ginger juice. Do my parents understand why I’m ordering $60 worth of root juice during the Covid quarantine? NO! Are they sweet enough to let me shove their sauces to the side of the fridge to make space for my sweet sweet juice? YES! Why this brand specifically? Chiefly, I love the glass bottle. I use it to house my money plant pups. No plastic over here, people! Is the taste discernably different from other brands? Similar products tend to contain way too much lemon or other fruit juices, which makes me feel like I’m being cheated. Monfefo’s formulation tastes like a ginger shot punched you in the mouth— consensually, of course. Here’s the downside: For the life of me, I cannot find other stockists in New York City. Whole Foods doesn’t have it. Other health food stores don’t have it. I’ve walked around Park Slope wailing “Monfefo??” to no avail. You might think: “well what about ordering it online?” Well as of 5/7/24 10:37am, every single SKU on their website is sold out. Our great overlord Google says that Uber Eats and FreshDirect can help you catch this white whale— so report back if you’re successful.

2 years ago

The Mon fe fo ginger shots are the absolute most ginger forward ginger shots that I have ever tried. They are super spicy and warming. I put them on every grocery shopping list and i’m always sad when Whole Foods doesn’t have them in stock. No complaints whatsoever.

3 years ago

I've had the ginger and turmeric shots a few times, and I've found both to be strong and tasty, but not overly aggressive or painful like other shots I've had.