Molly J.

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Molly J. makes plant-powered confections designed to chill, sleep, and revive.

Molly J.  Reviews

Molly J. reviews


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7 reviews

2 years ago


Love the delicious flavors and high dosage that helps get me relaxed every time.

7 months ago

An effective CBD supplement with no drowsiness, less bitter tasting, less sugary (generally less BS and fillers than many alternatives) and super cute indulgent-feeling packaging.

2 years ago

I had purchased the trial pack of 3 but hadn't tried them yet. My companion recently passed. I may still have been a bit sad, of course, but I was chilled. They really work.

2 years ago

Friends with Molly J.

These gum drops look almost too good to eat! I am loving the seasonal flavors right now - the pear ginger tastes and smells SO good. The beautiful packaging makes me feel like I’m really treating myself. I’m a huge fan!

2 years ago

These CBD gumdrops are a must try…. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life - and popping one of these beauties relaxes my whole body - and, they taste delicious. I can’t decide which flavor I love best…. I love that the gumdrops are hand made. Really well done - all the way down to the hand written note that comes in the box… Awesome job, Molly J ⚡️


No feedback! Keep going! Love the new flavors

2 years ago

Absolutely Love Molly J. The handcrafted quality shines through in the incredible taste, the luxe packaging and personal details. The Sleep Formula 100% changed my life.

2 years ago

Friends with Molly J.

Big fan of the chill — really love the quality of the gumdrops and the attention to detail. Great way to get your CBD fix and everything is designed thoughtfully with a cute/whimsical twist. The personal touches are lovely, too: feels great to be supporting a small woman-owned business.