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MOB Beauty makes environmentally-friendly makeup products at affordable prices.

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3 months ago

I was really excited to shift my makeup to a refillable makeup palette—not only for a sustainability reason, but also to clear some counter space. When ordering my palette online, I had a hard time configuring what the shades of different eyeshadows/foundations looked like. The swatch color they had shifted in color when shown in photography so it was harder to understand what color I was ACTUALLY getting or what it would look like on me. I ended up ordering the biggest palette and getting a range from blush, bronzer, foundation, and eyeshadow. My first initial reactions when using the palette was the makeup is heavier (in visibility not weight) than most—specifically the bronzer, cream blush, and eyeshadows. I quickly learned a little goes a long way (which I learned to love). The foundation isn't my favorite, however. When apply to my face it often settles in and accentuates my pores. I also tried their tinted lip balm. Unfortunately, it arrived slightly melty (yay—Utah summer weather). When I tried it, it felt waxy.. In the end, I felt like the products I liked were the bronzer, highlighter, cream blush (LOVED), and some eyeshadows. I also loved that I could use some products for multiple things (ex: I use the cream blush for lipstick, the dark brown eyeshadow for eyebrow powder, etc.) Overall, my experience with MOB is good. I hope to see them evolve their products (ex: foundation + lip balm + eyeshadows) a bit more and launch more. I hope they keep a majority of the products in the refillable palette since that's what drew me to them in the first place as well.

Cream BlushFoundationBronzerEyeshadowHighlighter

2 years ago

I absolutely love the idea of a reusable lip capsule and I have a BIT of a tinted lip balm problem -- always looking for my HG in terms of color, pigmentation, and texture. I LOVE everything about the colors I picked (coral and berry). You get to pick two samples with each order, which is a great way to try out other shades and products you might be a little unsure of. Look forward to what other types of products this brand might introduce.


Not a huge fan of the blushes I sampled. The colors were quite harsh and the overall texture on my skin seemed too chalky and matte.