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Miyoko's Creamery is a plant milk dairy brand that crafts vegan butters and cheeses.


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2 days ago

The BEST! Their oil-free cheese wheels are SO GOOD I'M OBSESSED. And overall it's a solid brand that makes really good products. I've bought many times and will continue to!

4 days ago

Love their cheese and cream cheese! I haven't tried the butter yet but it's on my list! The pourable cheese is so great for pizza or casseroles! I made a cheesy-potato bake with it and it was amazing.

Cream CheesePourable Mozzarella

25 days ago

I tried their vegan cream cheese about 3 years ago. At the time, it was decent but lacked some of the authentic cream cheese flavor. However, it was the closest I've tasted to real dairy cream cheese in the vegan category. The texture was smooth and spreadable, which I appreciated. But the taste fell a bit flat compared to true cream cheese. I imagine the flavor profile has improved over the past few years as the formulas evolve.

Cream Cheese

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25 days ago

The absolute best vegan butter on the market. This is coming for a girl who's worked in alt dairy & meat for a decade now.

Miyoko's Plant Milk Butter

25 days ago

My absolute favorite vegan dairy brand. So high quality and delicious, worth the money!

Miyoko's Plant Milk Butter

3 months ago

My go-to for vegan cheese-like substitutes. The texture, especially the mozzarella, is great.

2 months ago

I tried the cashew-based sharp cheddar cheese spread and it was actually pretty good. The consistency is pretty smooth and not grainy and the flavor is close to real cheese - you can tell its not though but that didnt really bother me.

6 months ago

I LOVE this butter. It tastes so good and melts well. The only downside is the fat content is high per serving, if you are a fitness macro girlie like myself.

2 months ago

My doctor told me to avoid dairy fat and the only replacement I found that wasn't using Palm Oil was this brand. Taste texture and usability are 100%. For those complaining about the fat content, seems like a silly complaint when what you're doing is putting... fat... on whatever it is. It's not about fat content it's about what the content of the fat is, if you follow me. This gets a full 5 stars from me!

Miyoko's Plant Milk Butter

a year ago

The BEST vegan butter I've ever had. While I am not exclusively vegan, I do opt to buy vegan butter as it lasts longer than traditional butter. It looks, smells, acts, and tastes just like butter.