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Miyoko's makes plant-based cheeses that are similar to real dairy products.



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5 days ago

I tried the cashew-based sharp cheddar cheese spread and it was actually pretty good. The consistency is pretty smooth and not grainy and the flavor is close to real cheese - you can tell its not though but that didnt really bother me.

6 months ago

I love Miyoko's for all my creamy cooking purposes. I can't tell the difference between their butter and actual butter! Not only that, but I love using their cheese wheels for various pasta sauces. In my experience, it's the best "dairy" that I can find most grocery stores.

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4 months ago

I LOVE this butter. It tastes so good and melts well. The only downside is the fat content is high per serving, if you are a fitness macro girlie like myself.

5 months ago

Miyoko's ís one of my favorite vegan cheese and butter brands. Their products are so creamy and good!

a year ago

The BEST vegan butter I've ever had. While I am not exclusively vegan, I do opt to buy vegan butter as it lasts longer than traditional butter. It looks, smells, acts, and tastes just like butter.

a year ago

Available at Whole Foods, they make pretty good dairy free cheezes that I use for chili or quesadillas.


The mozzarella that comes as a disk is not the greatest for using in a caprese. The flavor is a bit off.

a year ago

Their butter is the truth!! I have also tried their cheese before, which is pretty refreshingly good compared to a lot of competitors.


I have since found better plant based butter from land o' lakes, but this brand makes great alternatives for all cheeses. I wish they were available at more grocery stores, but worth the trip to those who have.