Minor Figures

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Minor Figures, a London-based coffee brand, makes 100% plant-based coffee, oat milk, and chai products.



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24 days ago

Their barista series oat milk steams really lovely. Is also great in an iced matcha.

7 days ago

This milk recently made its way to my Whole Foods and i really enjoy it. It froths well for lattes and is very delicious. I look forward to trying their other products!

Oat milk

23 days ago

The cans of matcha latte got me through every Pandemic lockdown. I really like how they built in a layer of foam when you pour it out. I used to have a subscription but it wasn't budget friendly. So I swapped to a subscription of their barista oat milk and invested in a milk foamer to make my own matcha lattes at home.

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a month ago

Love the oat milk and canned coffees. I’ve worked several years in coffee and this product is worth the hype.

a month ago

Obsessed with these single serve coffees, especially the Latte. Their oatmilk is also a total dream; the best oatmilk in terms of how it pairs with coffee. They're newer to the states, so distribution is still growing, but I find them at Erewhon in LA.

3 months ago

One of my favorite canned coffees, their milk is also my go to for any coffee I make at home. Possibly one of the cutest designs ever also.

3 months ago

On a trip to St. Louis, Missouri, I stumbled across a small market on the Delmar Loop. I needed caffeine and randomly found this brand I’ve never seen before! I’m a fiend for packaging, so that’s why I grabbed it. I’m also lactose intolerant, so instantly seeing “oat latte” sold me too. But luckily, as soon as I took a sip, I was in love! My ideal coffee/latte, is just plain coffee or espresso, with milk. Little to no sweetener or flavoring. So to see the ingredients were literally just coffee, oats, sunflower oil and sea salt, I was so happy!! I may or may not have instantly bought a pack of 12 on their website already 🫣