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Meridian makes precision-grade grooming tools for men below the waist.


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4 months ago

I love my meridian trimmer. Its great for arm and leg hair. If you really need a razor-close shave that looks flawless with a magnifying glass, you may feel disappointed, If you want a quick and close-enough alternative with less ingrowns, youll love it. Razor replacement is super easy (it just slides out) and the razors last forever. The trimmer is rechargeable and reaches full charge pretty quick. I got the sage green but there are lots of colors to choose from

a month ago

I was sick of ingrowns so I decided to try their trimmer out. I’ve never used a trimmer before, but I’m overall happy with it. Pros: - trims fast - can use dry or with water - multiple guards - long battery life - cool design and branding - no pinching or nicks so it’s good for the most sensitive of areas - quiet Cons: - doesn’t trim as close as I was expecting - on the pricier side

a year ago

This razor is just okay. I bought it during the TikTok craze and I was really excited about it. I have dark, course hair and I’m prone to ingrowns, so I was really hoping for a good option. This is just okay.