MELA Watermelon Water

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MELA sells flavored water sourced from watermelons.

MELA Watermelon Water Reviews

MELA Watermelon Water reviews


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4 reviews

8 months ago

I love watermelon water and used to get the cold pressed brand from wholefood all the time. Mela is like candy water though. It tastes nothing like watermelon water and not in a good way.

10 months ago

These are sooo refreshing and their cans are just so cute. I love the plain and passionfruit flavors the best, the plain tastes just like watermelon and the passionfruit adds a little bit of a tartness that gives it a little extra bite. To make them more *fancy* I mix them with a Topo Chico and Mezcal but honestly I usually just drink them on their own. They NEED to be cold though, they definitely lose the refreshing factor once they get warm.

2 years ago

The watermelon ginger flavor was actually suprising and has become a favorite! I wasn't expecting much from this drink, but it was surprisingly good and the price point was pretty fair. I liked it so much that I went ahead and bought another box on Amazon.

2 years ago

Works for MELA Watermelon Water

The best tasting and super hydrating watermelon drink in the market!! All 3 are amazing, but I’m a fool for the Passion Fruit!