Max Bone

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Max Bone, a luxury pet brand, creates food and products designed to fit all dog breeds and sizes.

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We have a few clothing items for our dog and they're high quality and well-made. The cable-knit sweater is truly a cable-knit. You pay a higher price but the quality is there to justify it.

High qualityInnovative productLuxury
10 months ago

My mom will spoil her fur babies all day long. She has gotten my dog some clothes from Max Bone and they are all well made and high quality. Though I personally wouldn’t spend this much, there sure is a market out there. These make really great presents!

Good for gifts 🎁Luxury
10 months ago

They don’t answer customers. They may have great products - this is undetermined because there’s still no product . Their 4-person operated company can’t keep up with supply and demand and their customers are paying for it from all of the recent reviews I’m reading everywhere. It’s not 2019 things need to be adjusted. *No customer service number?* Unanswered emails. Delayed processing order timelines. But amazingly MaxBone IG page is updated daily. Lots of time for marketing their products but zero time for the people who have hundreds of dollars CHARGED to their accounts with NO PRODUCTS.. no email replies to paying customers trying to teach them for many important reasons.


Be real on your website. Out of stock, delayed stock, etc. Hire an organized person Answer customers emails ignore is disrespectful =we don’t care about you List a number ! stick to your timelines if you can’t process in ?days hire someone or changes the time line! Covid is over everyone is back to work and out living , factories are back in service there are no delays people are sick of that excuse for bad service (just look at MB IG page life is clearly back to normal?)

Super slow shipping 🐌
6 months ago