Matt & Nat

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Matt and Nat create a variety of vegan leather bags and accessories.

Matt & Nat Reviews

Matt & Nat reviews


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5 reviews

5 months ago

I don’t understand why this company has four stars. I’ve been gifted two of their bags. One was not my style but I couldn’t return it because returning it was going to cost money as well as the need to contact the giver and ask for some information. The second was a gift from my husband. It was okay. Not great. I carried it a few times but the strap was uncomfortable and never really straightened out. It always had bends in it where it was folded for shipping. Then, a couple of weeks later the strap started to pull away from the bag. This time I had the info I needed to return it. I reached out to the company and didn’t hear back from them for over a week. They send an automated email telling you that they are experiencing a high volume of emails and then threaten that if you reach out more than once you’ll be pushed to the back of the line. I finally heard back from them and was told that I’d have to ship the bag back and that their policy does not allow for store credit, only an exchange for the exact same bag. They are full of empty apologies for dissatisfaction and poor craftsmanship but they are unwilling to work with their customers. And you have to pay to ship the bag back to them! Truly the worst customer service I’ve experienced in awhile. Don’t apologize and say that this is not what you want your customers to experience when in fact you don’t really care about making it right. My husband was sad and embarrassed that his gift to me was such a big bust. I’m going to donate the bag to Goodwill. Maybe someone will love it enough to fix it or pull it apart and repurpose the material. And never will I purchase from or recommend Matt & Nat to anyone.

2 years ago

This brand has been around forever in Canada! They were always known as the best brand for cool, vegan leather accessories and it's nice to see that they've stuck to that ethos over the years.


Not much - if you prefer leather then you might struggle to get on board with this brand, but it's worth a look!

2 years ago

Truly great quality although I do find that the leather can be a bit hard and so a few of the "drawstring" styled bags were a bit harder to open and store more items.

2 years ago

Not sure if the quality of their bags vary depending on where they're sold, but every time I see them at Winners, they've always been poorer quality (stitching, thickness of fabric). I've also owned one of their bags before and found the durability/longevity to be subpar. Overpriced IMO. Two stars for it being a Canadian company, and for their admirable brand mission.

9 months ago

Amazing company philosophy, they truly live by the definition of material and nature. I've had high end brand purses and Matt and Nat will never look as ''bended or folded'' as my real leather purses, this vegan leather is top notch. Last 5 years i've only worn a Matt and Nat purse and wallets. I've gotten many others into the brand, bought many many gifts for people! Ditched the leather for good. Worth every dollar.