Manta Sleep

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Manta Sleep offers blackout, zero pressure, and a super comfy sleep mask for that quality sleep we all need

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Manta Sleep reviews


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4 reviews

4 months ago

I’ve only tried their original sleep mask, but I definitely want to upgrade to the pro at some point! Potentially even the one with built-in speakers. I’ve been trying to improve my sleep quality, and this has been instrumental in that happening! The way the eye cups are shaped and their adjustable placement means that zero light gets in. When I moved to a place where I couldn’t get blackout curtains they became an absolute essential, and they are great for travel. Highly recommend!

a year ago

I love this sleep mask SO MUCH. It is so comfortable and it stays on. It has cushions on the eyes so you can sleep comfortably and they are interchangeable so you can do a hot or cold compress. They also have options for silk eye masks and different sensory ones. Cannot recommend enough!

a year ago

I wanted to love them but found the original one too bulky for my needs. The cups block out the light but they also make the sleep mask very thick. I feel like I look too silly to wear them in-flight. It is also not possible to sleep on the side or front with it. I can only sleep on my back so I rarely actually use them. I got their silk mask too which feels more comfortable but it’s still the same design with the mentioned flaws.

a year ago

The manta sleep eye mask has been my number 1 product I've gifted more than any other. They popularized the larger memory foam eye cups that black out everything and put no pressure on your closed eyes. As someone who is sensitive to fabric touching my eye lids, it makes a big difference. My sleep has improved tremendously with them. I like that they sell different styles and fabrics. I even gifted my girlfriend their eye mask with bluetooth capabilities because she typically needs a noise machine to sleep. Fairly priced, I will be a customer of Manta for life.