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MALK makes alternatives to traditional dairy milk without any artificial additives.

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22 days ago

I tried both the regular and chocolate after seeing a Tik Tok influencer use it. I’m always trying new clean alternative milks. I did really like both although chocolate wasn’t as chocolate as I had hoped. Taste is good, nice in coffee, not worth the price point in my opinion.

oat malk

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9 days ago

The almond milk is a little too watery and thin for my preference. Although, I like the brand mission and ingredients list.

Almond Malk

23 days ago

I really love Malk and have been using it for a while now. As one of the cleanest non dairy milks you can get it, its great. I prefer the Vanilla Almond Malk but the Oat is creamy and great as well. My only thing with this, it is does curdle in coffee which is kind of annoying - but for everything else its great!

Almond Malk

24 days ago

almond milk with none of the shit. the only almond milk in my fridge.

Almond Malk

a month ago

I love the almond milk. Clean ingredients and great taste. I love the simple branding too.

Almond Malk

20 days ago

Love the clean, simple ingredients in Malk’s products! Unfortunately, since it lacks filler ingredients, the milk isn’t as thick and creamy. For convenience and health, it’s great, but it tastes comparable to what I make at home considering the minimal ingredients.

24 days ago

MALK is my go-to milk alternative. The consistency, flavor, and simple ingredients have made me a fan.

Almond Malkoat malk